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What do I get exactly?

Your registration will gain you full access to our Writing Suite. In there you can create unlimited projects, documents, notes and 10GB of media uploads. Unlimited use of all our base reference tools (thesaurus, dictionary, phrase reference, Wikipedia, YouTube and Bing search).

Free download of our mobile note-taking apps for iOS and Android and our browser extension - both these tools are designed to streamline the process of bringing information into your projects.

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Is my data private?

Absolutely. We don't use your data for anything other than to provide you personal writing metrics and in the event of customer support. Your data is yours and no one elses.

What if I need help?

Then we help. Just email the team at or find us on twitter @stormjournal. We love hearing from our customers.

Do you store my credit card details?

We don't. We leave billing up to the pro's at Stripe.